What qualifications are needed to become Cabin Crew?

Do you want to know what you need to do to get a job as Cabin Crew? In this post, I’ll tell you exactly what qualifications you need to be a Cabin Crew. I will also talk about what can help you stand out from the crowd and get through the application process successfully.

What you need to know to get a job as cabin crew

When applying to become Cabin Crew for the first time, there are a few qualifications that you must have. Even though these are different for each airline, you can’t get past the first step without them. Before you apply for a job as cabin crew, make sure you know what the airline needs.

GCSE Math and English

Most airlines will require you to have at least a GCSE (or the equivalent) in both English and Math. This is because airlines will want to hire people who have done well in school before they start working as Cabin Crew. All Cabin Crew members will need to be able to speak and write English well, which is why it is so important to have a qualification in English. Cabin Crew also need to be able to talk to each other, which is something that can be learned through an English qualification.


If you want to be a member of the Cabin Crew, you may need to show that you can swim. During the application process, most airlines ask applicants to show that they can swim at least 25 meters. Even though you don’t need a certificate, you might want to take swimming lessons if you’ve never done it before. Swimming is an important part of emergency procedures, so it’s important that Cabin Crew know how to do it well.

A college course on cabin crew

There’s no need to take a college course in cabin crew, but it can be helpful! A Cabin Crew course will help you learn more about the business. This can be very helpful when you are applying for a job because you will know and understand the job. Taking a course in something like travel and tourism, hospitality, or languages can also be helpful. All of them show the airline that you are interested in the job you are applying for and know about things that are important to it.

An online course for cabin crew

Online Cabin Crew courses like our Online Diploma, which you can find at the link above, are a good way to learn more about the industry and pass the application process. Most online courses for Cabin Crew are written by people who have worked as Cabin Crew, not by teachers. Our course is so much better because of this. Even though ex-Cabin Crew will know a lot about their job and the airline they used to work for, that’s all they can do.

This qualification was made not only by a former member of the Cabin Crew, but also by a trained teacher. Different teaching styles and methods are used in the course to help you remember what you are learning. The best parts of the BTEC, City and Guilds, and NCFE standards are used in the course to give you the best course you can get.

A degree

Even though airlines don’t require you to have a degree, I can’t stress enough how important it is to get one before you start working as Cabin Crew! You probably won’t be Cabin Crew for the rest of your life, so having a degree will help you plan for the future a lot. A degree is also important if you want to move up in your job and improve your critical thinking, knowledge of the world, and analytical skills. Check out my post “Why you should get a degree before becoming cabin crew” for more information on this topic.

Apprenticeship for the cabin crew

Some airlines have just started apprenticeship programs for their cabin crew. Apprenticeships for cabin crew can be a great way to get into the business. They usually last a year and are a mix of learning in a classroom and learning on the job. At the end of the apprenticeship, you will get a qualification that is recognized, and some airlines will also give you a job as Cabin Crew.

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