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Fly yourself. Who hasn’t dreamed about it?
Every day we try to make this dream come true for as many people as possible. Self Flying is one of the most experienced training institutes for MLA & GA in the Netherlands. Feel free to come and have a look without obligation, taste the atmosphere or – even better – follow a trial lesson. New aspiring racers are welcome all year round. We are happy to give you a tour and discuss your wishes.
More than 30 years ago we established ourselves as a flight school at Lelystad Airport. At the time under the name “Vliegschool Driessen” and “Driessen School of Skyriders”. With a large range of ultralight and light sports aircraft, we focus on the private pilots in the Netherlands.
Self Vliegen’s mission is to let as many people as possible experience what it feels like to drive an airplane themselves. We are also trying to make flying attractive for a new generation of private pilots. We do this by using the latest generation of ultralight and light sports aircraft. With economical, quiet engines in light aircraft, the hourly costs can remain pleasantly low. With this we make the dream of flying affordable again for a larger audience.
Approved Training Organisation
Vliegschool Zelf Vliegen is a training institute recognized by the ILenT. We provide flight training for, among other things, the RPL, LAPL and PPL pilot’s license and offer various class privileges. Our flight school is known for its professional teaching methods, pleasant atmosphere, modern fleet, low tuition fees and for the high percentage of successful students.
Trial lessons
Start with a trial lesson! After an explanation by one of our instructors, you get in, and then fly all by yourself. Under the guidance of the instructor you will learn to climb, descend and turn turns. There is a good chance that you too will get the flight virus! A trial lesson is already possible from € 99, –
Plane rental
Zelf Vliegen not only uses its aircraft for its own use but also rents them out. For this we offer a unique concept in the Netherlands that combines the advantages of a membership of a flying club and the commercial rental of an aircraft.
Aircraft sales
As an aircraft importer and dealer of different types of ultralight and light sports aircraft, we are happy to help you with your search for the right aircraft. Also for technical knowledge and experience in the inspection of second-hand appliances for a purchase you have come to the right place, we can also guide you with the negotiations of the purchase in the Netherlands or abroad.
… and much more!