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About Company

In 1999 we set out to build a private jet company that would provide the industry’s best customer service experience.

We started by looking at the other companies that guarantee private jet services to their clients to see where there was room for improvement. The other companies operate massive floating fleets, from one central office, to stretch and try to provide service to the masses. By doing so, their clients schedule flights through an 800 number, embark from a third party FBO, and fly on a different aircraft with different pilots every time.

In exchange for servicing the masses, the other companies require their clients to deal with impersonal and unfamiliar relationships for every aspect of their experience. The companies are never able to get to know their clients personally and therefore cannot cater to their client’s individual needs. And the client consequently never receives the quality of service that should accompany such a high ticket item.

In order to provide the best customer service experience we had to change all this. We start by establishing a local base of operation so that we can handhold every aspect of the customer service experience. Our clients schedule their flights with a local Flight Concierge team, embark from a local private terminal, and fly on local planes with local pilots they know and trust. We localize every aspect of our business so we can focus on providing each and every client with the very best customer service experience.


Jet Linx’s commitment to a local base of operation is a declaration of our commitment to superior customer service. From the moment you pick up the phone to schedule your trip, to the moment you return home to your private terminal, all your needs will be met by the professionals at Jet Linx every step of the way.


Flying with Jet Linx is as easy and convenient as walking into your own garage and getting into your car. Because we have a ground facility, pilots, and planes that are locally based, you will have the comfort and familiarity of flying out of your own private terminal in your own private jet. It couldn’t be more convenient.


Jet Linx operates and has access to light, midsize, super-midsize, and heavy jets so you will have the luxury of choosing the appropriate aircraft for the occasion. Whether you’re traveling alone for a business trip to Toledo, or you’re traveling with the entire family for a vacation to Cabo San Lucas, Jet Linx has the appropriately sized aircraft for your trip.


Jet Linx is a leader in the industry for its safety practices. We are an International Business Aviation Council (IS-BAO) Stage 3 registered operator, we have earned an ARGUS Platinum Safety Rating, and our pilots are all CAE SimuFlite or FlightSafety International trained. Safety is our priority one.