G650 Captains (Singapore-based)

In order to reinforce the Flight Operations team, we are currently recruiting for G650 flight crew based in Singapore.

G650 Captains (Singapore-based)

Captain supports the aircraft operations, maintains high standard of flight safety and operational procedures, comply with the regulations and provides the professional service to our clients. This role reports to Director Flight Operations, particularly on G650 fleets based in Singapore.


  • Ensure that the safety of all crew members, passengers and cargo onboard
  • Ensure that all operational procedures and checklists are complied with in accordance with the provisions of the Operations Manual FOM
  • Ensure that all crew members occupy their stations prior to take-off, final approach and landing
  • Not permit any crew member to perform any activity during take-off, initial climb, final approach and landing except those for duties required for the safe operation of the aircraft
  • Not allow any flight data and/or cockpit voice recorder to be disabled or erased, unless data needs to be conserved for the investigation of an incident or accident and would otherwise automatically be erased
  • Coordinate the work distribution within the flight crew to obtain a maximum of good airmanship for the conduct of the flight
  • Ensure precise navigation and observation of minimum altitudes
  • Observe the limitations of all aircraft systems and ensure the proper use and handling of the aircraft
  • Enforce the strict use of checklists
  • Ensure that the amount of usable fuel remaining suffices to proceed to an airport where a safe landing can be made, with final reserve fuel remaining
  • Maintain close contact with the cabin crew in order to ensure that all requirements concerning cabin safety are being followed
  • Ensure that the flight and technical logs are completed
  • File written occurrence and accident reports if the necessity arises
  • Maintain familiarity with relevant aviation regulations, JBJH/JBJS operations manual and agreed aviation practices to fulfill his function.
  • Maintain a high standard of discipline, conduct and appearance as a representative of the company
  • Comply with the regulations contained in the Operations Manual (FOM) and the Air Navigation Order (ANO)
  • Ensure that all passengers are briefed on the location of emergency exits and the location and use of relevant safety and emergency equipment


Current on type G650

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