Crew Attendance Officer-Emirates

Job Purpose

Be the first point of contact to provide a 24 hour service for crew reporting sick from the UAE or overseas whilst on annual leave or days off. To provide a daily analytical support and feedback function to the Crew Attendance Team on all aspects of attendance calls.

Job Outline:

  • On a shift basis, be the first point of contact for cabin crew reporting sick/absent/injury. Use attendance history to offer support, advise appropriate action or give advice on sickness/absence/injury process e.g. Clinic appointment. Escalate cases of concern to the appropriate Crew Performance Specialist or Crew Performance Manager.
  • Analyse daily trends of incoming crew calls and provide the Crew Attendance team with suggested course of action.
  • Respond to sick crew by understanding reasons for sickness and marking as sick or absent as appropriate. Conduct investigations for cabin crew utilising staff travel systems, SWAP system, leave system etc highlighting potential abuse of company procedures and benefits to Crew Performance Specialist or Crew Performance Manager.
  • Provide a tailored response to crew, by utilising attendance information, offer additional assistance to those crew who are sick/absent/or had an injury. Follow-up with a letter, where necessary, to the crew reconfirming the conversation. Ensure that all information is logged on Paradise. Where necessary, escalate individual attendance targets to the Crew Performance Team for disciplinary follow up.
  • Work closely with roster planning and scheduling team to ensure minimum operational disruption, and ensure cabin crew are assigned to the appropriate Return to Work (RTW) course or Safety & Emergency Procedures (SEP) course.
  • Escalate crew to the EAP team to offer further support, if required. Log this information on Paradise and inform the Performance Managers or Fleet Managers as appropriate.
  • Where there is an outstation sickness highlighted, follow-up with cabin crew and provide welfare assistance.

Qualifications & Experience

  • In-Flight Service.In-flight Administration : 3+ Years
  • Vocational or Diploma (12+2 or equivalent) :
  •  Experience in a call center environment preferably in airline and/or customer service industry.


  • Knowledge in analysing data and recommending courses of action.
  • Proven ability to listen, advise, counsel, influence and negotiate at all levels
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills are essential, as is a good level of report writing skill
  • Self motivated and able to work with minimal supervision
  • Previous experience in the use of crew related systems ie. IOB, CCIMS, SAFE, HR Direct is preferable
  • Cabin Crew experience or exposure to cabin crew environment is preferred
  • Leadership Role: No
  • Safety Sensitive Role: No

Salary & Benefits

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Job Overview
  • Date Posted
  • Job Type
    Full Time
  • Experience
  • Location
    United Arab Emirates
  • Region
    Middle East