Captain – Direct Entry

To ensure the safe operation of the aircraft (as commander) during all normal and non-normal situations and is ultimately responsible for the safety of the aircraft, crew, passengers and cargo at all times while in command of the aircraft.


Key Activities

  • Manages the aircraft to the highest level of safety, efficiency and customer experience.
  • Operates all flights in the best commercial interests of flydubai.
  • Oversees and ensures that all operational policies and procedures are adhered to by all members of crew while acting as Commander.
  • Acts as the primary brand ambassador of the airline, especially while on duty and maintains a high personal standard of discipline, conduct, and appearance.
  • Demonstrates responsibility for the duty of care and welfare of the crew and customers.
  • Ensures all pre and post flight checks and reports are conducted in accordance to company policy.
  • Ensures the appropriate fueling, baggage/cargo loading and appropriate servicing of the aircraft.
  • Ensures the proper execution of his/her duties that are specific in the instructions and procedures laid down in the flydubai Operations Manuals.


Minimum Qualification

  • High School Diploma (or equivalent)


‘Non Type Rated’ pilots: At least 5,000 hours total flying time – including at least 1500 hours in command on a modern (EFIS), multi-crew, multi-engine jet aircraft over 55 tones operating weight (A318 or larger)  OR At Least 6,000 hours total flying time out of which at least 1500 hours in command on a modern (EFIS), multi-crew, multi-engine jet aircraft over 50 tones operating weight (EMB 190/195)

‘Type Rated’ pilots: B737-300 to 900 (NG/EFIS) endorsed within the last 24 months. At least 5,000 hours total flying time, out of which at least 1500 hours in command of multi-crew, multi-engine aircraft in excess of 10 tones operating weight and at least 1000 hours in command of B737-300 to 900 (NG/EFIS) type aircraft.

Knowledge / Skills / License

  • ICAO ATPL certificate with a valid type rating.
  • 1st Class Medical certificate from ICAO.
  • ELP level 4 or above.

Core Competencies  

  • Customer Focus
  • Team work
  • Effective Communication
  • Personal Accountability & Commitment to achieve
  • Resilience and Flexibility (Can do attitude)
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Business Acumen
  • Inspiring & Developing others
  • Decision Making
Job Overview